Toni Clark

Life Coaching


Life 101 is not on the curriculum in most schools, but most of us figure out how to get started in life as naturally as we learn to walk.  Surrounded by parents, teachers and other adults, we listen, watch and study. 

These are our models of how to proceed.

We also get a formal education, participate in faith communities, and reflect on the values of our peers. We are impacted by a media-driven culture that comes at us from all directions. Overtime we learn skills, make choices, and figure out what we do well and what we do “not well”.  Hopefully we take note of what we like and dislike; what activities are satisfying and which ones we could do without. We find a place in the world.

But then we may come to a point in life where the next step does not seem so clear.  We may say, “It’s time to move forward!”  But we don’t know where to begin.

Life Coaching is all about figuring out how to begin.

What Happens in Life Coaching Sessions?

Life Coaching is a series of conversations to help you get clear about what’s most important to you and what actions to take to move you forward in that direction. In simple terms terms these steps include creating a vision and taking action.

As life coach and client, we work as a team using conversations, exercises, experiments, and adventures. My job is to create a space for you to consider what to try next and help you evaluate what happens afterwards.  Along the way I ask questions. As I get to know you I make observations to add new perspectives to your journey.   Together we may discover that you have many more choices than we saw in the beginning.  In coaching, we call this possibility thinking.

Whether you want to explore new directions, make subtle, but important shifts in an already full life, or are introducing big changes into your life, at its core life coaching is about creating a vision and taking action. But my hope is that every client leaves life coaching with a bigger, or at least more flexible ideas about what is possible for him or her in a full and healthy life.


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