Toni Clark




Career Coaching

Career coaching is a series of solution-oriented conversations to help you take concrete steps to get what you want from your work.  Whether you are just figuring out your skills and where they fit in the marketplace or are a seasoned professional in need of a job or career change, coaching can help you get clear on your focus and take steps to find and keep the job and career that fits you.

transitioncoachingMindfulness & Resilience Coaching

While pursuing goals and making sense of our lives we all get stuck sometimes.  We might be vague on what we care about, or just not feel motivated to act–even when we are pretty sure we like our work or relationships. Mindful practices and tools can help make us become all more resilient and thoughtful as we make choices about what we want next in our lives.

lifecoachingLife Coaching

“It’s time to move forward,” you say. “But how?”  In life coaching you can take the time to be clear on what that you want, and begin to envision your life as you would like it to be.

Renewed focus can be powerful. With a clear vision you can act, experimenting with new activities and relationships.  I work to challenge my life coaching clients to try things in new ways—always with the goal of achieving what they really want from their lives.