Toni Clark

Career Coaching


Are you a Career Explorer*?

Career Explorers want to understand how their skills, abilities, and passions might fit in the work place.  In coaching we work together to define their vision of career success, and figure out how to might best describe their “brand.”  Clients who know and claim a brand are ready to identify jobs and organizations where they want to work. When a client knows and is content with–even inspired by–his or her brand, it’s easier to network successfully and to find work.  Explorers may be just starting out–new to the workplace–or people who dislike the career path they are on and want to make a change.

Are You a Career Hunter – aka a Job Seeker?

Career Hunters are actively seeking work.  They may be new careerists, just starting out after education or training, or mid and top level leaders looking for new employment.  The work of Career Hunters includes resume development and writing, informational interviewing and research, networking—both social, and “real time”– application work, and interviewing.  Hunters might also want to revisit their career “brand!”  See Career Explorer

Are You a Career Conqueror?

I call “Career Conquerors” Builders.  They want to take a “step up” and grow in careers they have already established.  There are many ways to enhance satisfaction and improve our working lives.  In coaching with Builders we may talk about new projects, requesting promotions, or seeking new learning experiences—to name a few examples. Career Builders may also want to tackle specific problems that confront them in their jobs.  Some examples include learning new supervisory techniques, or training & education to keep up with technological advances. Other topics for Career Builders might include strategies for dealing with difficult employees, how to cope with change or stresses in the workplace, how to motivate others, or how to better balance work life with personal goals.

*My career coaching work has been  influenced by Susan Whitcomb, founder of Career Coach Academy.  I completed Susan’s Career Coach Training Program in 2008. Susan identified the three stages of career work I use here. She includes them in her course manual.


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